About Us

Newcastle Chess Club has existed for many years in various forms. Due to government cuts Eldon Leisure now shuts at 9pm. The club has now (very kindly) merged with Gosforth Empire and so the team ‘Newcastle’ as it was no longer exists. Sorry everybody, but the team goes on, albeit in a different place with a different name.

The new venue is: Gosforth Empire Club, 32 Salters Road, Gosforth NE3 1DX. The club’s hours are 7pm-finish.




  1. Hi all.

    I have recently become a member of chessfriends.com which is an online chess website. It is free to join and is extremely good to say it is free. Probably one of the best online chess websites I have played on. Give it a go if you fancy…….the address is http://www.chessfriends.com/

    Andrew R

    • Never tried it as I pay for internetchessclub but will take a look.

  2. I have a 12 yr old son and he is keen to play chess. He has played for the first time in megafinals and played in gigafinals.
    He wants to play and learn.
    I would like to know if children his age are welcome to your club.

    • Suggest you look at clubs at the league website ncaleague.wordpress.com as some cater better for juniors (Jesmond, Tynemouth).

  3. Does your club still meet at 7pm on a Tuesday at Eldon Leisure? I have been playing internet chess on chess.com for a while and I’m interested in trying an over the board game or two.

    • Yes the club does meet at 7pm at Eldon Leisure near indoor bowling green. You’d be very welcome to turn up!

      • Thank you.

      • Sorry no one was there. Checkout ncaleague.WordPress.com for other clubs too.

  4. I went to Eldon Leisure at 7pm this evening. Was tonight’s meeting cancelled?

  5. Hello Mr Turner,

    I am looking for some information regarding your chess club.
    Firstly it is my 8yr old son who is very keen beginner, he would like to pursue this Hobby by joining a local club.
    I am unsure to your starting ages, so if this is not suitable at your club, could you please point me in the right direction, of a club age appropriate.
    My son had originally just began playing chess causally, but he is keen to play on, in a club to become more advanced and maybe even take his hobby further if he is advanced enough after some time.

    If your club is a suitable could you please email me back with the following information:

    *weather you need to be an empire club member for your child to join the chess club?
    *day/times & duration?
    * would the chess club be in a private setting, or amongst the customers?

    Apart from that I hope to hear back from you soon.
    Thank you
    Miss Kay Tate.

    • Hi

      You should checkout ncaleague.WordPress.com for a local club. Some clubs are more junior friendly than others e.g. Jesmond and Tynemouth. I’m not sure about Gosforth. You might also contact Paul Bielby (Google email) who has been taking forward junior chess for a long time.

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